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Teaching Rizzmic will take your fitness career to new heights while you help others cut loose and dance!  The Instructor Training workshop is designed to help you become a confident dancer, a powerful presenter, and a well rounded group fitness instructor.  


This two-day training includes:

  • A full 60 minute Master Class, led by one of our Certified Trainers!

  • Study of the science behind our unique exercise program that has helped so many people achieve incredible results.

  • Movement training, so that you will become comfortable moving through the popular dance styles offered in Rizzmic.

  • Rehearsal of the cueing techniques that make our routines so easy to follow.

  • The skills necessary to create a dynamic energy in your class and to connect with your participants on an inspirational level.

  • Practice of the choreography of several Rizzmic routines.

  • Mastery of one routine that will serve as your audition piece.


You will learn everything you need to know in order to pass your final audition.  You have the option of auditioning on the day of your training, or you will be granted up to 30 days from your training date to submit a video audition.  This requirement will ensure that you are fully prepared to lead a class through their first Rizzmic Experience.

Become an Instructor


It is essential that you have a strong sense of rhythm and some musicality in order to be a successful Rizzmic instructor. Previous experience with dance is helpful, and a national fitness certification such as AFAA or ACE Group X is recommended, but the only thing required is a passion for teaching and a heart to help others through their journey to fitness.  The education you will receive in this training is sure to enrich your fitness career by enhancing your performance in every other format you choose to teach.  We look forward to helping you achieve success!

Please note: In order to be granted Rizzmic Instructor Status, you must pass the minimum requirements of your audition.  You will be give 3 chances to pass. Each submission will include specific feedback that will help you succeed.  Should you fail your 3rd attempt, you will be required to retake the training before you may resubmit.  No refunds will be given.



Are your members ready for a truly unique dance fitness experience?  Rizzmic is unlike anything else out there.  We are attracting multiple generations with our eclectic music and high energy movement.  We can provide you with everything you need to successfully launch Rizzmic in your facility.  Email or fill out the contact box below!

Thanks for submitting!

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