Music and dance expresses the spirit and personality of its time. Rizzmic's Retro Umbrella covers all the hottest dance crazes throughout the last half of the 20th Century.

  • 50's

    It's all about the Jive! When multiple music genres of the 40's morphed into one sound and collided with a heavier beat, Rockabilly music exploded onto the scene. The Jitterbug is faster and more intense than the swing dancing of previous generations, and is still a popular dance style in underground swing clubs around the world.
  • 60's

    The famous dances from the sixties perfectly demonstrate the fun, high spirited energy of the decade. The Pony, The Twist, Mashed Potato, and The Jerk are a few favorites you will find in Rizzmic.
  • 70's

    Disco and Funk are the two most famous dance styles born of the 70's. Disco music was meant to be happy and danceable, and the colorful, ever changing lights in night clubs were designed to make people lose their inhibitions and have fun on the dance floor. Funk is to disco what hip hop is to pop; drop it low and add some swag!  
  • 80's

    Pop music of the 80's is characterized by its catchy melodies, often using electronic sequencers and synthesizers to fill in the sound. Dancing to this music is full-fledged aerobic mania, with lots of jumping, quick arm movements, and high kicks!

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