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Jun 22

DeAnn Rossetti

Rizzmic Has Something for Everyone - A Testimonial to the New Style of Dance!

Posted by DeAnn Rossetti

Rizzmic is an amazing new style of dance aerobics that provides people like myself with the ability to get a healthy work out while having so much fun that you don’t even notice that you’re sweating and working your muscles until the hour is up! That’s why Rizzmic is so important to my physical and mental well being. I’m a larger woman with Crohn’s Disease, which by it’s very nature is isolating, keeping me chained to the bathroom for long periods of time. As a social person, not being able to engage with other people is painful and frustrating.

Fortunately, I discovered Rizzmic, and was thrilled by the all-American music, which covers every genre from big band swing to rock and roll and contemporary hip hop to Top 40 pop music. The routines set to the music are fast-paced and easily modified to low impact for me and others who might not be able to complete certain higher impact moves.

The instructors mix the routines together in such a way that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and I can feel their enthusiasm and joy in moving and dancing as it’s transmitted to the whole room. Everyone in class is so friendly, kind and non-judgmental that I feel comfortable enough to let loose and enjoy moving my body and laughing/chatting with my fellow Rizzmic junkies as we sing and dance to the beat. I can walk into class after a difficult night with Crohns and within 10 minutes my muscles are loosening, my body is shaking and swinging and my face is nearly split in two with a smile.  There is something so freeing about being able to dance and laugh  and breathe deeply with a room full of supportive, fun people of every size and shape who share your desire for health and well being! - DeAnn Rossetti