What makes Rizzmic different from other dance fitness formats?

The music of Rizzmic is a big piece of what sets us apart in the world of dance fitness.   Our eclectic set lists are attracting and uniting people of all ages!  You will have a chance to try the most beloved dance styles in the history of American pop culture,  from the charleston of the 20's to the hottest crazes of today.  Rizzmic is the perfect home for the vintage sound that artists like Bruno Mars and Megan Trainer have made so popular.  We pair those modern songs with the retro movement that suits the style, which allows us to pack plenty of current hits in with a lineup of cherished throwbacks.  Whether these historical dance styles are a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or whether they are your first taste of retro America, you are sure to fall in love with the ride!  

What is an example of a typical set list?   

WARM UP with a 5 minute Top 40 music mix 

Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

Canned Heat - Jameraquai

Maniac - Michael Sembello

Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain

Low (Apple Bottom Jeans) - FloRida & T-Pain

Bust A Move - Young MC

All That Jazz - Catherine Zeta Jones

Bad Girl - Rihanna

Do You Love Me - The Contours

Can't Keep My Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez

Dear Future Husband - Megan Trainer

Salute - Little Mix

Halo - Beyonce


Is Rizzmic choreography easy  to follow?

YES!  Rizzmic routines are simple and our choreography boasts of seamless transitions from one movement to the next, so you will always be poised to move effortlessly through the routine as it unfolds. We spend a great deal of time training our instructors to cue vigilantly, and have gone so far as to carefully work both verbal and visual cues into the choreography itself.  While there is a learning curve for all new ventures, you will be able to keep up on the first day, and you will get more and more confident with every class thereafter.  

Do you have to be a good dancer to do Rizzmic?

You don't have to be a good dancer, you just have to enjoy dancing! Stylized dance movement can sometimes be difficult to follow, so we are careful to put the importance of teaching fitness before the introduction of style. Each movement within a routine is presented in layers, (modified, basic, and stylized) so every participant can clearly see and follow the basic moves, regardless of their fitness level or dance background.  

"We are not dancers trying to impress a crowd. We are teachers hoping to inspire our students!" -Melain Blue

Do all Rizzmic instructors use the same routines?

All Rizzmic routines are pre-choreographed and sent to instructors on a monthly basis. This system ensures the same high quality choreography in every Rizzmic class. With over 200 songs to choose from, each instructor has the freedom to create their own unique sets, but participants will find consisitency in the routines of any class they attend. 

What kind of shoes do you recommend for a Rizzmic class?

It is recommended to wear either cross trainers that have minimal traction or dance shoes with pivot circles. 

Can anyone get certified to teach Rizzmic?

There are no prerequisites to attending a Rizzmic training!   If you have a strong sense of rhythm and a heart for helping others grow in fitness, then this format is for you!  For more information.

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