How did Rizzmic Come to be?

The birth of All American Dance Fitness

At some point in their individual careers, Melain Blue and Cory Crawford each fell in love with the contagious joy and energy of dance fitness.  Both women wanted a high intensity group fitness class that would bring old school American dance styles into the fitness world, along side today's most popular dance crazes.  They followed that vision and created a class with enough diversity in its content to attract multiple generations, united by the loveable, All American theme.  

Meet the Creators

A 60 Minute Cardio Roller Coaster Through American Dance.

After an AFAA approved warm up sequence, we delve right into the melting pot. We'll go from a 1950's jitterbug to a heavy hitting hip hop routine, then a high energy country swing followed by a dramatic Broadway number.  Your 60 minute Rizzmic Experience will give you 3-4 cardio spikes, broken up with intense toning routines.  You are sure to see incredible improvements to your overall fitness with this kind of HIIT training.  We will always end class with a low intensity cool down routine and lyrical stretch, and you are sure to leave with a huge smile on your face!

The Rizzmic Umbrellas

What Makes Rizzmic® Different


We'll take you through American's most popular music genres from the 1920's to today!


Rizzmic® choreography seamlessly blends fitness with authentic American dance styles like disco, hip hop, charleston, and jive.

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I absolutely love my Rizzmic classes, really nice, encouraging women and so much FUN!

Sandra Beard